Wireless Repeater

GSM900&U900&DCS1800&LTE1800&UMTS2100 Wireless Repeater


  • Suitable for 900MHz & 1800MHz & 2100MHz frequency band.
  • Linear power amplifier and highly integrated modules to ensure the stability of the inter-modulation (IMD3).
  • Low noise figure, high system gain, perfect communication quality.
  • Low power consumption, compact size, easy for maintenance and installation.
  • Meets the high environmental class (IP65) requirements and is dust-proof, waterproof, and moisture-proof.
  • Support tri band base station, and amplify any channel signals in work band.
  • Monitor &alarm, support remote monitor and all kinds of alarms.
  • Optional monitor methods, RS232/SMS.

II.Product Description

Triple-band wireless repeater can amplify two bands or multiple sub-bands signals at the same time by sharing one antenna feeder system. It is a good solution for multi-operator coverage projects because the infrastructure costs will be greatly reduced.

In the downlink path, the repeater will pick up the signal from the exiting transmitter via the donor antenna, amplifying and re-transmitting it into the desired coverage area via the service antenna. In the uplink path, the repeater will receive signals from cell phones in the covered area and re-transmit them back to the base station.